The DS-160 visa application form is compulsory for all US non-immigrant visa applicants.

Since 1 September 2010, the US Department of State now requires that all US visa applicants complete a DS-160 application before scheduling a mandatory US visa appointment.

You must complete a separate DS-160 for yourself as the principal applicant and one for each dependent family member.

The DS-160 is the US Department of State’s new online non-immigrant Visa application form. It is used to gather the personal details of each non-immigrant visa applicant. Consular Officials use the DS-160 application to determine each applicant’s suitability for a nonimmigrant US visa. Once you have completed your DS-160 you can book a US visa interview at the consulate of your choice.

IVT does not guarantee the approval of your US visa. Inaccurate or incomplete US visa application forms may lead to you being denied a US visa.

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