Before you attend your visa interview, you must ensure that you have all of the correct documentation ready to present to the Consular officer.  Every applicant including dependent family members must have:

  • DS-160 printed confirmation page, which contains a bar code; your own and one for each dependent
  • Valid passport valid with a minimum of 6 months remaining validity to cover the period after the applicants stay in the US has ended
  • Machine readable visa transactions slip proving payment for each visa application; your own and one for each dependent
  • Visa Petition or SEVIS document if applying for Student or Work Visa

Documentary Proof of Income or Ties to the Country you live in

All applicants must provide documents such as those listed below to prove their ties to the country they currently legally reside in:

  • A letter from a current employer stating your salary, job title and the date you were hired OR a letter from a family member or sponsor proving that they are providing financial support to the applicant
  • Salary slips and tax documents
  • A letter and original records from your school proving that tuition fees have been paid
  • Deeds to any property owned
  • Proof of your legal status in Canada or the US e.g. permanent resident card, student visa, work permit or temporary resident permit
  • Bank statements covering the last 6 months
  • Proof that you have enough money to cover all your expenses during your stay in the US
  • Evidence which shows purpose of trip

Self-employed applicants should provide:

  • Up to date tax returns
  • The business’ most recent tax returns or the business’ financial statement
  • The certificate of incorporation
  • Documentary evidence that the business is trading and making money

Student applicants must provide:

  • Attendance records from their school and records showing their grades, tuition payments, registration confirmation and acceptance letter
  • A letter from an employer and pay slips if they work part-time
  • Recent Canadian / US bank statements or investment statements

Documentary Proof of US Visits

Applicants must also provide documentary proof of previous visits to the US:

  • Old visas in expired passports
  • I-20 forms and transcripts if the applicant was a student
  • I-797 forms
  • I-94 cards
  • Employment Authorization cards

Police and Court Records

Applicants with criminal records from any country in the world must provide:

  • Police and court records of any arrests from the countrywhere the crime occured as well as all of the associated court documents

Proof of Family Relationships

Applicants must provide documents to prove their relationship with any dependents applying for a visa as part of your application. Examples of valid documents are listed below

  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate

Documents of No Relevance

Do not bring any of the following documents to your interview as they are considered of no relveance to your application:

  • Debit or credit cardsDocumentation from countries outside Canada or the US
  • Third party letters of support

  • Airline tickets

  • Student ID cards

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